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Jméno: ZStJMIopDatum: 2012-08-23 07:55:49
BTW, somebody slouhd ask susie q if she thinks Sen Ted Stevens(R) Alaska SHOULD be re-elected since he is under federal indictment?She slouhd be pressed to answer since her answer will show what she thinks of the republican culture of corruption brought congress in 1994 with the republican take over.ant be trustedAfter all she has already proved she to keep HER word;Sen. Collins reneged on her pledge to only serve for at most 12 years,2 only terms, in the Senate. During a campaign appearance in 1996, she answered Yes to a question about whether she would pledge to only serve 12 years in the Senate. In 2002, Collins stated in a letter to a constituent her continued pledge to serve only 12 years in the Senate, I intend to serve only two terms as I indicated in the Sanford forum six years ago. On October 12, 2006 Collins stated that she was breaking her pledgewould seek another six year term in the Senate. Collins justified her new position stating that her viewpoint on seniority has changed, At the time, I thought that 12 years, that two terms, would be enough. This was at the height of what I would call the frenzy over term limits. In other words she will say what ever she thinks will get her elected at the time, even if she has to LIE.Somebody needs to ask her what are her REAL standards?Her answer to the Stevens question just might start that conversation.

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