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Jméno: UGCxcHRJJytHhWyZWGDatum: 2012-06-28 19:51:05
I found Portland, Ore. to be one of the rudest ciiets Ive ever been to. I even got kicked out of a wine store there just for mentioning that I did some product consulting for a friend back in Nashville, but the last transaction I had in Portland was gassing up the rental car (from Alberta of all places) at a Shell station near downtown at too early in the a.m. Not only did the attendants clean my windshield, they pumped my gas. No extra charge. The experiences in Portland were so diametrically opposed that I dont have a good opinion of the city. However, the full-service treatment at the Shell station early in the a.m. didnt offset the negative impression left on me about Portland when I departed. Ill take Portland, Me. any day of the week instead

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